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beer grain dog treats

leashless lab


Sustainability Matters: The more beer we drink, the more spent grain by-product is produced. Leashless Lab is a solution to waste reduction by repurposing this grain into dog treats.


Ingredients Matter: Understanding ingredient lists should be easy! Our treats have 4: repurposed brewing grain, flour, peanut butter, eggs.
All ingredients made in the United States.


Community Matters: Leashless Lab donates 10% of the profits for every bag of treats sold to an animal protection organization in each state we sell our treats in.


Cheers to you and the pups you love!

Our mission is to be the handshake trick between the dog charity and craft beer communities by repurposing organic brewing byproduct, the spent grain, into a dog treat that benefits charitable organizations.

We believe that if we could use food waste more efficiently, we wouldn't have to produce as much. Why not put this belief into practice by bringing part of our favorite craft beers to our canine companions.

We are proud to collaborate with the craft beer community, an industry that champions a more sustainable environment, their local dog organizations, and the neighborhoods they brew in.

- Nikki

Founder & Owner
Believe in Beer Relief Fund

'Believe In Beer' Relief Fund

The Brewers Association (BA) has partnered with Bottleshare to create the Believe in Beer Fund to support breweries and guilds impacted by the coronavirus pandemic.

Through their GoFundMe Campaign, they are raising funds to be distributed to breweries from across the country.

You can help make a difference. Visit GoFundMe for more information about the campaign and ways you can donate.

The impact of this grant program is directly dependent upon the success of the fundraising campaign - so please help us take action and spread the word! Join us in spreading the #believeinbeer challenge


Our Customers That Can Use Keyboards Love Us

Kris J.

"My dogs LOVE them. I'm tempted to try one myself because these smell amazing! I love that they are made with only 4 natural ingredients and 10% of each bag purchased goes to the Wisconsin Humane Society. Very impressive product. Well done!"

Von H.

Dogs love the treats. And I loved the hand written thank you note. This place is awesome! We live in Kentucky and will definitely order more.

Mike S.

I can't thank you enough for bringing forth these wonderful treats. My dog absolutely loves them & I think it's a wonderful idea. From the concept of the treat to the recycling spent grains to donating to the animal protection organizations. Great ideas! My dog was a rescue & believe me, I wholly understand the importance of giving to the places & people that save these animals.