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Leashless Lab Eco-Friendly Collapsible Travel Dog Bowl

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    PRODUCT INFO: Dog bowl made from recycled bike tubes! It doesn't get any better than this.

    Leashless Lab dog bowls are made by Cycle Dog, who's goal is to create the world’s best dog products with a focus on the environment and to raise awareness of the millions of bike tubes thrown into landfills every year. Hand sewn products are proudly made and tested in Portland, Oregon. Since 2009, Cycle Dog has reclaimed hundreds of thousands of discarded inner tube rubber targeted for landfills. Inner tube rubber is not easily recycled and even most recycling facilities throw inner tubes into the landfill.

    Dog Bowls are made in USA. Waterproof, stink proof, FDA approved food grade lining, hand sewn. Guaranteed Fun, Safe, Tough.

    GIFT READY!: All Leashless Lab product is shipped in a reusable 10oz burlap bag made of natural fibers and is biodegradable. Also included for free is a Leashless Lab color sticker with our dog and pint logo. 

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