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About us

It's Nice to Meet You! 

We are the family behind the treats:
Kevin, Nikki, Ainsley, and Tonka.

Milwaukeeans born and raised with an obsession for all things dog and craft beer. In addition to enjoying libations and loving our furry friends, we aspire to make sustainabiity part of our lifestyle. We're far from perfect, but we're trying with one bag of upcycled beer grain dog treats at a time.

Our story starts as the best ones often do: with a beer. After brewing beer one day, Kevin noticed that he was left with several wet, fresh grains. He asked Nikki if she had any ideas of what they could do with the leftover product. She did, and that's how Leashless Lab was born!

With lots of baking experimentation, a even more Tonka taste testing, Nikki developed a wholesome, sustainable treat that the lovable lab couldn't get enough of!

Our Mission

Our mission is to be the handshake trick between the dog charity and craft beer communities by repurposing organic brewing byproduct into a dog treat that benefits charitable organizations.

We believe that if we could use food waste more efficiently, we wouldn't have to produce as much. Why not put this belief into practice by bringing part of our favorite craft beers to our canine companions. 

We are proud to collaborate with the craft beer community, an industry that champions a more sustainable environment, their local dog organizations, and the neighborhoods they brew in. 

upcycled beer grains

Our dog treats are made using upcycled brewers wet grains sourced from craft breweries. All grains are non-alcoholic and never come in contact with hops or hop oils. 


Four all-natural ingredients: spent beer grains, flour, peanut butter (dry roasted peanuts & sea salt), egg. Baked in small batches to ensure freshness. No artificial ingredients or preservatives. 

Giving back

Supporting your local community has never been easier. Leashless Lab donates 10% of profits from each bag sold back to a animal protection organization in each state we sell our product in.