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""Starting a small business is hard, and Nikki doesn't miss a beat," Eichinger said. "
Does your dog like beer? Dog fancier makes pet treats from craft beer brewing leftovers
USA Today - February 26, 2018
"On the surface, making craft beer and feeding a dog might seem like pretty different activities, but they have more in common than you think. A Milwaukee startup called Leashless Lab is bridging the gap."
Milwaukee Company's Dog Treats Unite Craft Beer And Dog Lovers
WUWM 89.7 Milwaukee's NPR - July 24, 2018
""Their mission of community and supporting community and doing great things in addition to their business really worked well with what we're trying to do at raised grain so it was a really natural fit," said Owner of Raised Grain Brewing Nick Reistad."
Native Milwaukeeans team up to create all-natural dog treats from re-purposed beer grains
CBS58 News - March 07, 2018
Nikki Collier
Owner & Founder
info@leashlesslab.com, 414-465-2030
Nikki has a combined twelve years of buying, marketing, and operations management experience in corporate retail, along the way working with many of the nation’s leading brands. She is now using that knowledge to create a brand that brings joy to both dog and beer lovers alike, while making an impact in the community.
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Nikki Collier - Owner & Founder; Kenzi Enright - Social Media Manager
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